Tempered & Laminated

Tempered, Laminated & Safety Glass

This type of glass will not pose a safety hazard if broken.  Current building codes require safety glazing in all doors, walking surfaces, bathroom tub & shower enclosures, patio furniture, sidelites, and other applications in high traffic areas where there is a potential for injury.

Tempered glass increases the strength of the glass approximately 4 times; however, the process makes the glass brittle and can warp its surface. The process involves heating the glass to approximately 1400 degrees, then chilling (quenching) it to 200 degrees within 2 minutes. Tempered glass, once tempered, cannot be re-cut without shattering. For this reason, all fabrication must be done before the glass is tempered.

Laminated Glass is typically 2 pieces of glass with a plastic inner layer. The most common application for this glass is the windshield of a car. If the windshield is broken, the laminated glass will keep the passenger inside the vehicle.  Another common application is in jewelry stores to defend against robbery. The inner layer is .030 thick, providing an excellent ultraviolet screen which can reduce fading in upholstered items and carpets. This type of glass also has sound reduction qualities.  The primary limitation of laminated glass, however, is strength. It can break with just 1/8th of the pressure required to break tempered glass.

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