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Davis Glass and Mirror, Inc. offers a large selection of shower door glass patterns and metal colors in a variety of configurations and price ranges to enhance any bathroom.  Our traditional semi-frameless and framed shower enclosures are offered with 1/4″ and 3/16″ glass.

Each shower enclosure is custom built and designed to reflect the client’s personal needs. Our experts work with our clients to assist them in choosing the perfect hardware from a brilliant array of finishes and designs to match their bathroom décor.

Davis Glass and Mirror, Inc. carries hardware in brass, chrome, brushed nickel, satin, and oil-rubbed bronze. Custom sandblasting, glass etching and patterned glass are also available options.


Like a piece of fine furniture, frameless heavy glass shower doors present a high quality option for designer bathrooms and are often used in the finest hotels, resorts and condominium complexes around the world.

Davis Glass and Mirror, Inc. works with each client or their designer to give their bathroom a distinctive look that fits their personality.  Each piece of glass is expertly fabricated to fit each opening.

Frameless shower enclosures were first introduced in the sixties, eliminating the traditional metal framework which used to surround each piece of glass. The doors were completely or partially frameless, but there was still a perimeter in which it operated allowing it to seal.

In the past ten years, the glass industry has slowly introduced heavy glass doors which are completely frameless. In the case of a single door there is typically a handle and two hinges without a perimeter. These doors can be made of 3/8″ or ½” tempered glass.

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