Replacement & Retrofit Windows

Replacing & Retrofitting

One of the best ways to improve the value of your home is by replacing your single pane windows with high quality dual pane windows. Davis Glass and Mirror, Inc. offers a wide variety of windows to fit almost every need, from replacing a single pane window due to damage from burglary or vandalism, to upgrading any window to a dual pane.

Davis Glass and Mirror, Inc. proudly installs award-winning Milgard Windows. These new construction vinyl windows and replacement vinyl windows stand apart because of the way they are made. Milgard manufactures their vinyl for long-term performance and durability.milgard

There are two main types of replacement windows:

  • Flush Fin (also called Z-bar) Replacement Windows These are typically used with aluminum windows in stucco home exteriors. This method leaves the original aluminum window frame intact and provides very little opportunity for the stucco siding to be damaged. If you and your contractor choose this method, be sure to ask to see photos of Z-bar products installed in a home like yours so you can visualize the results.  


  • Block Frame (or insert replacement windows) Typically, these are utilized in markets where wood windows are in place, and the exterior is siding or brick. In most parts of the country, the block frame window is simply a new construction window frame with the nail fin removed. Your contractor will want to ensure that there’s been no damage to the studs and there is proper insulation and flashing before using this type of window.

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