Patterned & Colored Glass

Our Patterned or Colored Glass

Patterned Glass

Patterned or “obscure” glass is glass that you can see shapes through, but not with clarity. The most common applications for this type of glass are bathroom windows and shower doors.

There are many patterns of obscure glass available; however, if you choose an unusual pattern, you may not be able to duplicate a replacement in the future. Most of these patterns are machined, with very few “natural” (gluechip and seedy) patterns available.  Gluechip can be either natural or machined with a big difference in appearance.

Colored Glass 

Back painted glass, also known as colored glass, is very popular in Europe, Australia, and Canada. This new style of glass is quickly becoming popular with architects and designers in the United States as well.  Colored Glass is easy to clean with a low maintenance surface, which makes it a great option for back-splashes, kitchen and bath areas, table tops, and many other places in the home.

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