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Need new screens or parts? 

Window/Door Parts Parts are a specialty of Davis Glass and Mirror, Inc.  We carry a wide variety of window and patio door rollers, handles, locks, latches, and various parts needed to repair most windows and doors.  If we don’t have the part need for the repair in stock, we’ll gladly order it for you.

Screens Davis Glass and Mirror, Inc. makes custom screens to your specifications. If it’s time to replace worn out or missing screens, replace them today with custom size window screens, factory made with fiberglass, aluminum, tiny mesh, or solar insect screen. All screens come with your choice of frame and screen material colors.

Solar screens are an energy efficient alternative that blocks both heat and cold from penetrating the windows without obstructing your view. Davis Glass and Mirror, Inc. will install solar screens that can dramatically reduce the cost of your energy bills!

Board Ups/Patches Davis Glass and Mirror, Inc. provides 24-hour emergency board-up service, 7 days a week, to provide security when your home, warehouse door, or storefront has been broken into or otherwise damaged. Our skilled glazers will board up the opening, take measurements, and initiate repairs or replacement glass all in the same visit.

When dual windows are broken, the replacement glass must be ordered, which usually takes 3 to 5 business days.

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