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Insulated glass is commonly referred to as dual pane glass and is constructed by joining two pieces of glass together with a perimeter spacer which is then sealed to create an airtight component.  Most new homes are constructed using insulated glass in the window and door applications.

Dual pane glass creates “dead air space” between the two pieces of glass which offers substantial insulating properties making them much more energy efficient than single pane windows.  Generally, the bigger the space between the two pieces of glass, the better insulation they offer.  This insulation also acts as a sound barrier which will keep your home or office a pleasant environment.

Davis Glass and Mirror, Inc. carries a variety of products for use in your home or office, such as low-e glass, internal grids, tinted, obscure and high performance glass, all of which can be built into your window openings.

Dual pane windows come in various sizes, shapes and colors. Our glaziers will come to your home and inspect your window and determine the size, shape and color so the replacement glass will match the existing glass.

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