Glass for Table Tops

Looking for Table top Glass?

Nothing is more versatile or protects better than glass when you have elegant furniture finishes that need protection from spills or damage. It provides an inexpensive alternative compared to refinishing when accidents do occur while at the same time allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the wood finish.

The most common thickness for protecting wood finishes is 1/4″ which can be custom cut to any shape with a wide variety of bevels, polishes and custom edge work to suit your style.

Davis Glass and Mirror, Inc. offers several colors and thicknesses for stand alone and pedestal glass tops, as well.  Standard clear glass has a slight greenish tint; however, low-iron glass is also available.  This glass provides a crystal clear appearance when viewed from the edge, or you can choose from bronze, gray or even blue glass to accent your decor.  We can also customize the edge finishes, with a number of options available.

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