Bullet Resistant Glazing

We offer Bullet resistant Glazing

While often referred to as bullet-proof glass, bullet resistant glass is designed to withstand an individual bullet or several rounds, depending on the glass thickness and the weapon fired at it.

Bullet resistant glass has the ability to stop these bullets through a process of lamination. A polycarbonate material is layered between sheets of glass which are then bonded together.  If a bullet is fired at a sheet of bullet-resistant glass, it will pierce only the outer layer, as the layered polycarbonate material will absorb the energy from the bullet to stop it before it exits through the final layer of glass.

Since the bullets from handguns and rifles vary greatly in force and penetrating power, each application must be designed to meet the specific requirements or security needs of each individual project.

A knowledgeable Davis Glass and Mirror, Inc. glazier will come to your location to go over all of the options available. The safety and security of our clients is of the utmost importance.  If you require blast resistant glass, your Davis Glass and Mirror, Inc. representative can also cover those available options as well.

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